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13 September 2006

Swing Pitcha Pitcha Pitcha Swing!

For as long as I have watched the great game of baseball, one thing has always bothered me. Why in the blue hell can't pitchers hit? Look, I'm not saying that pitchers need to be Ted Williams or Ryan Howard at the plate but unless its Dontrell Willis or Mike Hampton at the plate the pitcher/batter looks like one of Jerry's Kid's trying to hit a 95mph heater.

As the World Series swiftly approaches, it always touched off the argument involving the Designated Hitter. As a baseball purist I drop the DH rule just ahead of sipping on a colostomy bag milk shake. If you don't own a glove you shouldn't be at the plate swinging away. I know there are those that like it, but they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground much less baseball. Having the pitchers hit adds a whole other level of strategy to the game. It makes it more interesting, more entertaining. The thing is though, why do pitchers look ridiculous at the plate?

When I played Little League Baseball, the pitchers were usually some of the best hitters (and fielders) on the team. In High School Baseball the pitchers were usually again some of the best hitters on the team. When I watch the Little League World Series the pitchers tear it up with the bat in their hands. So what happens between High School and say the Majors/Minors. I know the Minors have the DH rule (what the hell for), shouldn't pitchers have to learn how to bunt and shit? I'm not too failure with the college game (PIIIIINNNNGGGGG), but I think they have a DH too.

I get the fact that pitchers need to concentrate on pitching and that’s where their focus is. However these guys pitch once every 5 days. You mean to tell me that cannot pick up a stick a couple times over that span and get a little BP in? That they cannot make that a regular thing? If you throw in the A.L. I can see not wasting your time, but in the N.L. being proficient with the stick will only help yourself (as the pitcher) in the game. Maybe I just don't get it. I know that if I was managing an N.L. team I'd be lining my pitchers at least the starters up for daily BP. If Dontrell Willis can bat 7th in the Marlins lineup, then other pitchers around the league can step it up too.



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