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10 August 2006

Refreshing AM Radio in Rochester

For the past week and a half or so, the radio waves here in Rochester New York has been remarkably better than they have been for years. Why you might ask? That’s easy. It's because the "local" host of a sports radio talk show from 9am to 12pm is no longer on the air. The Brad Davies Show is no more on Rochester's only Sports Talk Station - 1280 WHTK. And while its unfortunate that Brad basically received a promotion as he took a new job in Houston Texas, at least he and his lame show are no longer on the Rochester Airwaves.
If you have never heard of this asscan, you're probably asking yourself what's my beef with him? Well, the list could go on and on, but I will drop a few here. Oh, and I hate this guy so much that I would rather console Terry Tiffee after making his 4th error of the game to cost the Redwings a spot in the playoff's than be forced to piss on Brad Davies if he was on fire. Anyway, I digress.
1.) If you are going to have a legitimate Sports Talk Show, you cannot be bias or at least show bias. Mr. Davies failed greatly at this. Dude is from Uttica where he had a talk show until Rochester came calling, however this Uttica native has a favorite team in each of the 3 major sports…and hockey. He was never shy about pimping them. Attacking listeners who had opinions that went against his own (in relation to his team), and he spent a lot of time bashing the local favorite teams. The only exception were the Buffalo Bills. He never bashed them like he did say the Yankees (at one point), the Mets this year etc.
2.) In conjunction with #1, Brad Davies is what you would call a fair weather fan. At least on one of his teams. Lets take a look at his favorite teams. In Hockey he is a NY Rangers Fan. In Basketball, he is a NY Knicks Fan. And while those teams are far from impressive, his criticism of them is usually lost by his excuse making as to why they suck. In Football, he is a NY Giants Fan. Now I know what you're thinking. "This guy is a bastion of NY sports" right? Wrong. Dudes Favorite Baseball team is the NY errrrrrrr Atlanta Braves. That’s right sports fans. Mr. NY Sports is a "diehard" Braves Fan. Right. Now I know we all have our stories about why we like certain teams. Generally I have been fans of teams from all over the country. Brad however seems to like ALL NY Sports except baseball. Mr. Davies is around 34 years old, so lets drop back about 15 years. The Braves are emerging as a perennial power while the Yankees were mired in mediocrity and the Mets were on a downward swing. 19 year old Bradley jumped on the Braves Bandwagon. I'm surprised he didn't blow out a knee in doing so. Scumbag. He has spent his time on the air here in Rochester attacking Chowd Nation (well, that’s okay). Last year he spent the year piling on the Yankees and their fans. This year with the emergence of the Mets as a powerhouse again, he has been all over the Mets team, the mets players and the Mets Fans. All while continually pimping the Braves or making excuses for them. The way this guy talks about the Braves one would think they have won 10 of the last 14 World Series. Never mind the fact they cannot sell out their own yard for a playoff game. Never mind the fact the Braves have no Third Basemen, what with Larry hurt yet again when he can pile on budding Superstar David Wright. Even one of Davies co-hosts who is a Yankees Honk is a Wright Fan because he likes the kid, his game, and doesn't need to bash him because he is a rival. Listening to one sided Sports takes with a fair weather twist got old and ridiculous. The best Brad Davies Shows were the ones Brad Davies weren’t a part off.

3.) The Show Format Sucks. The only good feature about the show was his weekly call form Bruce Markinson - formerly of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Dude knows more info about baseball past and present that I could ever hope to know and he was a great interview. Davies Friday Football "Spectacular" where he spent the show taking callers pics (4 of them) for the upcoming NFL games was dull and boring. His recycled takes and stolen show bits and ideas from other broadcasters were tired and lame. I almost wish I could hear his show in Houston. His fair-weather attitude and lame gimmicks are not going to last in the 7th biggest market in the country.
4.) Brad is not funny. He acts otherwise, but he just wasn't funny. I get that it’s a sports show and not laughfest at the Apollo, but that didn't stop him from acting like and thinking he was funny.

I could go on and on. While we wait to hear who will be the official replacement for Brad here in Rochester, I'm giving my vote to Ben Turchen (I know I spelled the lat name wrong) because this dude gets it. He has been hosting all week and on Monday he was talking about although he is a Yankees Fan, he cannot show bias towards them if he is going to operate a major (for this market) sports talk show. I also saw that as a shot against that dilznik Davies as well…and I loved it.
Whoever ends up replacing Davies here in Craptown won't have to do too much to eclipse what Davies left behind. Things that include a fair weather syndrome. A litter of pathetic insults against the Mets and Yankees and their Fans. Lame takes. Worse jokes. Before I go, let me just say one final thing…..
Houston, you have a problem and here it is…

Coming Soon!

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