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16 August 2007

Soccer Sucks Part 33

You know, its been far too long since the Don talked about Soccer. Granted, I hate Soccer with a passion, but that doesn't mean I don't like sharing and talking about my disdain for the horrible game.

I believe I'm pushing around a year or so since my last Soccer Post. It was about the Rochester Rhinos losing their championship game or something. As usual, my pal and Soccer friend Mark went to the Rhinos Fan Forum and posted a link to my blog which lead to me to getting ripped apart by the members of said forum. Of course your favorite Don, being the head of a powerful Crime Family isn't about to let some jagoff's just besmirch his good name, so you know I had to make another appearance there to defend myself. This was the second time I had to do such. This time however, as the thread about my blog degenerated, the Don was banned indefinitely by some asscan named Spinning Webs. Apparently this scumbag is a member of the Stampede and a big time ass rammer errrrr Soccer Fan. I give this douche credit for sticking up for his game, I respect that. I was doing the same in regards to my opinion as well as baseball when SW started to attack that as well. I know Mark likes to empty his can of gasoline all over the place and drop a match leaving me to have to deal with the fallout, but these Soccer Fans just take things too far. I mean Spinning Webs is a 40 something year old dude who suspended me from the site for the reason "Because I Can". Really? I can do a lot of things too. I could fuck his mom if I wanted...but I don't do it you know? Before that, he slapped my peepee because I was "insulting another user". Riiiiiight. I had a thread where about 18 Soccer Honks all talking shit about me, when when I responded...I was insulting? Look, I'm actually a moderator of a forum. I can understand certain actions and I can pretty much guess what causes other actions. When it comes to Spinning Webs, it doesn't take Freud to figure this guy out. Dude likes Soccer. Dude likes to make fun of others and their favorite sports, however when he gets made fun of and Soccer gets made fun of he can't take it. His name is Spinning Webs. He takes an internet forum way to seriously. He uses his moderator power to "strike back" at other users. Its quite simple to see that dude used to get his ass beat on a daily basis throughout his school years. Unfortunately for him, he was one of the very few who despite fighting everyday never developed fighting skills to make people leave him alone. On top of it all, he is a finok. If he wasn't such an asshole I'd feel sorry for him. But all that lead up to his high standing as a stampede member and first rate jack-off Rhinos Forum Moderator. Next time I stop by to "visit" your moms Web, I'll be sure to stop down in the basement and say hello.

As far as my current take on Soccer, now that the frenzy over Posh Spice moving to the U.S. has died down, I figured it was a good time to talk about her husband, Soccer Spice Dave Beckham The Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS signed dude to a 250 million dollar contract to leave Europe and come play Soccer here in the States...where we don't give a rats ass about it. Look, Soccer is not going to work in America. We have too many other sports that we all like better! Sure, more kids might play Soccer than any other sport combined, but that's because not everyone can play real sports growing up. This is why the minute a kid gets out of High School, their level of care about Soccer ceases to exist. I mean Pele playing on the NY Cosmos couldn't make Americans care about Soccer in the late '70's, so Beckham Spice on the L.A. Galaxy isn't going to make is care now. Sure all games involving Dave will either be sold out or have a large attendance, but why? its not because people want to see Soccer. The Females will want to watch Dave run up and down the field and hopefully see him take his shirt off. The Dudes are their to catch a glimpse of his anorexic Spice Girl and that's that. Ole Becky isn't going to increase the attendance at any game he doesn't play in. Here in Rochester he sure the hell isn't going to help increase the anemic attendance figures at Paetek Park...Rochester's very own Soccer Specific Stadium that saw attendance figures drop around 50-75% depending on the night in just a couple of years. Maybe Spinning Webs can round up all his friends and decrease Rhino's attendance even more. And here is a telling figure when it comes to Soccer and its place in America. When Beckham made his first appearance on the field for a practice, less than 5,000 fans shower up. At the same time, for Alabama's (college football) Spring Practice 105,000 fans showed up. Look, Beckham is on the downside of his career. Sure he got A-Rod money to come here and play, but he wasn't even starting anymore on the English National Team. Real Madrid didn't try to keep him when his contract was up. I wonder why? If the MLS wanted to take a legit shot and getting their league really up and running and bringing Soccer to the American Population, maybe they should try and score one of the best young players in Europe and go that way. Instead they go for the celebrity train wreck couple that will sell millions of tabloid rags in the Grocery Store.

Taking this Soccer shit even further, while literally dozens of Soccer fans in America were celebrating the arrival of Soccer Spice, almost no attention was given to the fact that the best home grown American Soccer player Fred Adu left his MLS team to go play Soccer in Europe. Somewhere in Spain I believe. Isn't that just perfect. Soccer Fan is constantly bitching and moaning about their game and trying to talk it up among us real sports fans but they aren't talking about this. Adu has been playing MLS Soccer for Washington D.C. since he was like 9 years old or something. Dude is like 18 or so now. He is correction was American Soccer. So while the MLS is spending 250 million to import a once great player on the downside of his career, they let an 18 year old "phenom" escape to basically take over for Beckham in Europe. So tell me Soccer Fan, what does that tell you? Soccer in America Sucks. The brightest stars of today are leaving to go play in Europe, where they have nothing else to get excited for except Soccer. maybe Soccer Player has met one to many "Spinning Webs" and decided the riotous Soccer world in Europe would be better after all. Either way, I fucking love it. Soccer will continue to struggle as nobody in this country cares. Soccer can continue to toil with Redneck Games and Ping Pong on the list of games Americans take seriously. Remember, this weekend be sure not to support your local Soccer team and for gods sake...keep your kids out of Soccer. It's like giving your kid a Red Sox hat....its damn near cruelty!


  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    While this Spinning Webs guy is clearly a douchebag, and anyone who takes your opinion seriously should probably have their head examined anyway, I am not going to let you off the hook on this "soccer sucks" bullshit. You really have never given any good rationale as to why it sucks other than "it's long and boring." Baseball is long and boring too. So just saying "soccer sucks" doesn't cut it. Sorry.

    I'm not saying you have to like it, but you can't just keep trashing it with "it sucks." You aren't gonna convince anyone that way. Not me, anyway.

  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    My good friend and former Soccer player, I have spelled out several times why I do not care for Soccer, and I have gone to great lengths to mention why. Other than its long and boring, I don't like games that can have no outcome. A tie is not an outcome (and yes, the MLB All-star game from a few years back is in this as well). I'm not going to watch a sporting event where guys run all over a field only to go home after seeing a 0-0 tie. Injury time. No official injury time clock. The refs just manage it? Please. All the fake injuries? These guys make Jim Kelly post interception look like Brett Favre. Also, I feel there is a lack of strategy involved and too much nothing to go along with the rare score. Also, do you really want me to get into the fans of the game and the players? I have yet to see the havoc caused by Soccer in say American sports. Sure the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL etc. all have their issues now and then, I have yet to see a fan bring in a machetti and hack up other fans at a baseball game. I have yet to see flares shot at an NFL quarterback. I have yet to see a NBA player killed by fans because he committed a turnover that cost them the game. I have yet to see A Hockey official shot and kill another player for whatever reason. I have yet to see a riot in the stands of any Pro event in the US that looks anything like a Soccer riot in South America or Europe. I have yet to see any American sports be forced to compete without a crown like Soccer games in Italy and Germany because their fans can't stay rational. All reasons to hate Soccer.

    Plus its a simple game. Nothing wrong with simple games, but thats why it appeals to most of the world...and you. You don't have to think while running back and forth.

    Do you want any more reasons sunshine?

  • At 8:05 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    The fact that you say soccer is a "simple" game shows that you really have no concept of what it's about. Is baseball a "simple" game because it's a guy hitting a ball with a stick and running around in a circle? Can I just say it's simple because that's what it boils down to?

    What about baseball games that end in 1-0? Ok, so that's not a tie, but does that mean nothing happened in the game? And saying there's no strategy.... just because you don't UNDERSTAND the strategies of soccer don't mean they don't exist. Your argument is based on the fact that you are unfamiliar with the sport.

    You can say you don't like it or are bored with it, but when you are so glib just to say "it sucks" without any critical thought attached to it, then you're just being ignorant. Or you're trying to bait people into arguing with you.

    And the stuff about riots and violent fans: what does that have to do with the sport itself? Does that happen at Rhinos games? Should I use that father and son white trash team that beat up that Royals first base coach as a reason why baseball sucks? Or when fans used to throw dead black cats at Jackie Robinson in the 1940s? Fans do not equal the sport itself.

    I know you will never like soccer and I wouldn't dare try and get you to, but when you just dismiss something with "that sucks" without any kind of actual rationale behind it (which you do about so many other things besides soccer), your stance loses credibility.

    Try again, sweetheart.

  • At 8:27 PM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    A baseball game that ends 1-0 has an outcome. Its not a sporting event that takes place only to end with no outcome. Also, (since you are only attacking baseball because you know its my favorite sport - whens the last time you hit up a soccer game or watched a game on tv by the way?) baseball does have strategy. From how hard the pitcher can or can't throw. Arm angle. Pitch selection. Lets go with base running, bunting, hit and run, saf fly, intentional walk etc. Other than creating the "wall" on a free kick, Soccer doesn't have a whole lot of strategy in it comparitively.

    As for the redneck baseball fans who attack a coach on the field...that was 5 years ago. I can scan through the news and find a horrible story about soccer from 5 minutes ago. And no, the violence stuff doesn't happen at Rhino's games. American Soccer Fan is a lot different that Euro Fan or S. American Fan. You cannot compare the two. However, the game on the field remains the same. I went to a game, you read the review. It was a 2-2 tie. 20 bucks to watch a sporting event not have an outcome. Perfect.

    Oh, and when I say Soccer sucks, its because I feel it does. And despite what you think, I actually KNOW about Soccer, thats why I can talk about it, and express my opinions. I didn't just listen to the latest Rome Show and decide I hate Soccer. I know about Soccer. I can discuss Soccer. Don't get bent and try and say I lose credibility because I "dismiss things with no rational"...oh, on other things as well as Soccer. Last time I checked, I never said "Soccer sucks - Out". Don't try and besmirch me because you like Soccer and I'm slamming it. You have been slamming Baseball for as long as I have known you and longer I'm sure and I never tried to discredit what you were saying based on your opinions. I can tell you you're wacked or feel that way, but it doesn't make you (or me) wrong or right. I've backed up my reasoning for disliking Soccer in pretty much every post about Soccer.

    Stop hatin' homeslice. I can hate Soccer. You can hate baseball, and the world will still go round.

  • At 1:23 AM, Blogger Bill said…

    When I was talking about strategy in baseball, I was clearly playing devil's advocate, since I understand there is a ton of strategy. Doesn't make me like it any greater, but I wouldn't make a crazy pronouncement like that. You said in your first comment, and I quote, "I feel there is a lack of strategy involved." That, to me, shows a clear LACK of understanding of the game, which you claim you do have.

    I could give a shit if you like or hate soccer, truly. You're right, I don't watch it. But I can say, without "besmirching" you that you have a tendency to make knee-jerk pronouncements about a lot of things, saying "they suck" without having any kind of recourse. (You could do a "Ctrl-F" search on your page for the word "suck" and you will find that it's a pretty common description you use.) I'm just giving you the chance to clarify your words.

    And frankly you might have been better off if you had said something like "I don't like soccer because it bores me" rather than attacking it with some pretty spurious reasoning. If something bores you, it bores you, fine. But to then calling it a "horrible game" and actually celebrating the decline in attendance in a city that could really use a winner, doesn't seem cool to me. It's not like soccer is out to get you.

    I don't think baseball sucks, I appreciate it for what it is. I do hate the organization of MLB and the game bores me, that's about all I can say about that.

    Oh and by the way, Beckham's first game in NYC drew 66,237 fans.

  • At 6:00 AM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    Because I feel that Soccer lacks strategy is based purely on my opinion. I'm willing to bet in the last few years I have attended more Soccer games than you and have watched more on T.V. (due to another Soccer Fan friend of mine), so I'm not sure how you think you qualify to tell me that I shouldn't be just saying "soccer sucks" which of course I don't...seeing as I provide more reasons for my opinion than you have excuses on why you dodge me in basketball. I'm not sure being a 9th grade Soccer Star makes you an expert. Also, I can see the strategy in a lot of sports. I think the NFL can be very boring, however the strategy involved keeps my interested. I can be bored by a game of baseball, however the strategy of that hit and run etc. will keep me interested.

    And also lets face it. If I came on here and said "soccer bored me" and moved on, nobody would give a rats ass. The handful of readers I have want to hear me rant about things. But I don't just throw on a blindfold and start ranting about anything with no course. You may not like my reasonings for not liking Soccer, but you cannot deny I actually give them and that I actually apprently know something about Soccer or my rants would have nothing to back them up. Do I know whos in first in the Euro Premier league? Nope. Do I know the leading goal scorer on the Dago team? Nope. Do I know that America's great Soccer Hope Freddy Adu left to go play in Europe? Yup. Can I say I have been to a game and watched some on T.V. before I started bashing Soccer publicly? Absolutely.

    After your religified rant maybe I should say you should have just simply mentioned that certain parts of religion don't appeal to you and then moved on. Instead of talking about being non-praticing yet your offended by this certain thing but your not but, etc. These topics while different are of the same nature. Have a Coke and a Smile my man or at least a beer. Put it on my tab. I'm good for it.

  • At 7:31 AM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    Oh, and I forgot. The 66,237 fans who showed to see Beckham - I said that would happen. However what about the attendence for Dallas V. K.C.? Or San Jose V D.C.? I bet we could lop about 60K off that number. Thats what I'm saying.

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