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11 January 2006

Time Warner Cable - All in One - a Rant

There are a lot of things in this world that piss me off. I know, I know. You're sitting there reading this like "no shit Cialini, hard to imagine you getting pissed at anything." Today's rant though, will focus on my Cable company...Time Warner of Rochester. I consider myself a valuable customer. Once a month I give these scumbags one hundred and 4 dollars of my hard earned cash. And yes Mark, that's a lot of HUMVEE's I have to wash. For that amount of scratch, I have digital cable with all the channels except the pay movie channels like HBO. I have DVR (a wonderful feature) and I have Road Runner...which has became as vital as water to my existence. Despite what you might already think, I don't mind paying this money, as I am happy with all the services. After all, nothing is free in this world. The thing is though, once a week or even twice a week, I will get letters, cards in an envelope, color cardboard like advertisements and all kinds of other propaganda from Time Warner in my mailbox. Today, I see a nice envelope. I take a look at it, curious as to who it could be from. I mean its not like I have any friends, so the choices are limited. I rip open the envelope and inside is a color card with a few inserts from....Time Warner. They are letting me know for the one millionth time, they have an "all in one" package. No shit. I already have a package from these bitches. If I wanted to have a digital phone, I would call them and order it up. Its not like there isn't a TV. commercial on every 45 seconds pimping their all in one packages, so chances are, I've seen it. You've seen it. I bet the Amish have seen it as well. With all this advertisement, on TV., on the radio, its not like I need my mailbox flooded with ads from them as well. I gotta figure I'm not the only customer getting all these ads. Hell, I bet non-customers get even more of these ads...poor bastards. I can't help but think that if they stopped sending me all of these adverts, and every other customer these adverts (after all, there is a phenomenal chance we are all well aware of all of Time Warner's Services), that perhaps my cable bill could be lowered by oh I don't know, 3 dollars? 10 dollars? Hell, probably 20 dollars. With all of this, I figure its only a matter of time before RG&E starts sending me advertisements letting me know they sell gas and electric. It won't be long before the post office starts sending out adverts to everyone under the sun stating the fact they mail letters and packages...and that they are raising the cost of stamps to $1.62 each to help cover the new advertisement campaign. Come on Time Warner, save me a couple of bucks and stop with the mailbox full of crap errrrrrrr ads. I could use that extra skrilla very effectively at the Doc's during Happy Hour.


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