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25 September 2006

I Admit it - I'm a Heartless Prick!

It's no secret that I'm not the most politically correct guy around. Its also no secret that my human compassion is selective at best. With that said, let me say that I am sick and mother fucking tired hearing about Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and anything else involved. Yes, it was a terrible tragedy. Yes, it could have been avoided in part. Yes, you can blame the feds, you can blame the state and local government's (as I do) it doesn't matter. Fact is, its been over a fucking year already. I get the fact that it was America's worst Natural Disaster ever. I get that it devastated not only an entire city but a region as well and my heart goes out to all those affected. Your Don even contributed money to one of the charitable foundations, and I even coughed up to a foundation to help the animals effected (see, I'm not heartless - Oh, and if someone left their pets behind, they should be shot dead on sight. Leaving an animal behind is reprehensible), but its time to move on. Nobody was forced to populate a city that sits 42 feet below sea level and sits on the ocean with a big ass lake on the other side. The Levee's were not going to upgrade themselves, human perseverance should have got this done…especially since talk of the "Big Storm" to hit New Orleans has been ongoing since we were all in short pants. Nobody was forced to abandon well over 200 school buses that could have been used to haul people out of harms way. And what has brought this rant on is this. Tonight, the Saints and NFL Football return to NOLA - To a revamped Superdome. Mike and Mike on the Radio are going on and on and on about football's return. What it means to the people. What it means to the city. What it means is that a shitty NFL dome stadium was upgraded because half of it fell down in the Hurricane. It means the residents will start getting fleeced again over the ridiculous cost of an NFL game. Its not like the NFL is returning a few weeks or a month after. Its been over a year. I've heard about all I need to hear about the NOLA tragedy. I don't care of the NFL is returning, if the skanks are heading back to the French Quarter, the Marcello Family is returning to reclaim their underworld reigns, or if the Mets get stuck with their shitty Triple AAA team for an affiliate. It comes down to this. Katrina was a great tragedy. Millions of people have lost and suffered. Reconstruction is well underway. No matter what, a lot of people will get shafted by the government or insurance companies or someone else. NOLA will never be the same. Now shut the fuck up about it and press on.


  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    Do you feel the same way about 9/11?

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    Yes I do feel the same way about 9/11. That was freaking 5 years ago! How are we supposed to completely heal from a tragedy of that proportion if we are constantly reliving it, dredging it up etc? It was a horrible tragedy that should never be forgotten, but it also should not be relived every time we turn around or even every year. Patriot Day while it sounded good at first has turned into a farce. I don't need to see "Flight 90" in the movie theater. I don't need to see constant TV coverage 5 years later. I will always remember the victims and the brave soles who gave their life in the ultimate way by trying to save others. I hope all their families can move on. But I will not dwell on it. I think it is a travesty that Ground Zero is still baren today. It took what, like a year or so to build the Empire State Building in the '30's? In 5 years they could not have built to better and bigger buildings to truly honor those that lost their lives that fateful day? We remember Pearl Harbor. We remember Hurricane's Andrew, Hugo, and Camille. We remember the Oklahoma City Bombing, but we do not continually relive them. I only hope that in a couple years when this current Presidential Regime is finally gone that things will start to change. There is no doubt in my mind that the regime (not Bush as he is just a figure head) is using 9/11 as a proverbial crutch.


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