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20 August 2007

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Rips Up Verona, NY

This past Friday your favorite Don and his ole lady hit the I-90 here in Western NY. Destination was Turning Stone Resort and Casino to check out Big Bad Voodoo Daddy live in concert. I hadn't been to Turning Stone since 1994 and apparently our Indian Friends have been busy making a once small casino into a resort complex with an Event Center and a special section for select concerts as well. Most know that I am not a live music/concert fan, but after incredible show earlier this summer from the Cherry Poppin' Daddies I decided the 107 mile trip to Verona NY wasn't that bad.

Upon arriving we quickly found out where we had to be and was surprised by the venue. If you have seen the movie (great flick that is) "Swingers", towards the end of the movie when the Fellas go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at The Derby in Hollywood, the venue was like that but bigger and more cramped. The trade-off was the fact despite getting a kink in your neck from being turned sideways, every seat offered a fantastic few of the band. Our table seated 8 so it was Bren and I, another couple from Corning NY and Swing Dancers. The rest were blue hairs. The couple that were swing dancers were cool and I enjoyed talking with them. I got to use my knowledge of retro swing music and pass along some bands for them to check out. They were definitely cool to sit across from.

The show itself was incredible. Of everything, I only had one complaint! BBVD didn't play as long as I thought they would. I would say the Fellas were on stage for 80 to 90 minutes then called it a show. Brenna did mention the fact they are a high energy band which makes sense, but I was thinking they would play around 2 hours. Did that make the show suck? Hell no. Did it turn me off? Nope. So lets get on with it!

The show kicked off with the boys hitting the staged dressed in slick sharp suits and some were rockin' the classic Godfather/Fedora type hats. As they hit the stage they started to get after it with what seemed like a warm up jam session. During this time lead singer and band leader Scotty Morris (more on him in a bit), introduced a few of the band members while they were all getting warmed up. I forget what song they opened with, only because the second song played is arguably my second favorite song of all time "You and me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight". Incredible to hear live!

As the show went on, Morris made sure all the Fellas in the band got some solo spot light time and the accolades they deserved. I think doing things like that is really cool. From the Baritone Sax guy to the trumpet guy to the trombone buy to the bass guy to the piano guy to the drum guy etc. they all got their individual time in the light to shine. And shine they did! Matter of fact, it didn't take me long to realize that every member of the band was fucking cool. There wasn't a fucking square cat on that stage anywhere. And while I am not into the gushing of celebrities and such if I could be anyone else I wouldn't be Bill Gates or Donald Trump or David Wright (well maybe David Wright) or Michael Vick, I'd be Scotty Morris front man of BBVD. Everything about this guy is fucking cool. From his movements, singing, actions, how he handles himself and the band etc., he fucking rules. And if anyone wants to say I might have a disturbing man-crush on Scotty Morris...I might be hard pressed to argue it. But hey, at least I'm man enough to admit it! Or dumb enough, time will tell I suppose.

Like with CPD earlier this summer, BBVD played their music and left the artistic creativeness elsewhere. They played their music the way we have all heard it before and loved it. They didn't dick with the music or tweak the lyrics. It was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at their finest. Another thing that was great about the concert was that the Fellas in the band all looked like they were having a great time. I've been to concerts where the band just looks like they are going through the motions until they can get off stage. BBVD looked like they wanted to be there and were having a great time at playing. It makes it more enjoyable seeing that as a fan and a patron they are down with throwing on a good show as well.

Every song they played I knew of course, except one which was a new song. Brenna while not a big fan like me knew all the songs as well just from my heavy BBVD rotation in the CD player. I give her credit though for allowing me to indulge in my Retro Swing obsession. Its only a matter of time though before she uses it to guilt me into a night of lame French music at Starry Nights Cafe here in Rochester. You'll all know when that happens when you read the blog titled "Your Don gets his balls clipped on a Starry Night".

The ended much too soon for me, as I could have sat there all night listening. After several rounds of hearty applause, people started to file out. The merchandise table
was packed, so I decided if I wanted anything, its easier to go online and get it. After about 10 minutes the band all came out to greet the fans and sign autographs on CD's, shirts, tickets, posters etc. I thought it was a cool thing to do. Once I got a glimpse of all the Fellas, Bren and I headed out. Still had a 107 mile trip back to the friendly confines of my suburban based crime family local.

It was a great show and I was glad we made the roadie. I know that like CPD, the next time BBVD are anywhere near my location, I'll be in the audience.


  • At 4:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Hmmm, if this comment above was one of the things I "don't qualify", let me take care of this one right away.

    My original line was going to be just the start, but I was at work and got busy as I started to get into it, then got lazy and never came back.

    As for my assertion that you are on crack, its in relation to your opinions of the Wire comparatively with the Sopranos. Now, I have watched The Wire and enjoyed it, although that may not be good enough for you, it will have to suffice. I never watched The Wire religiously, but when I came a crossed it, I watched and liked it. However to say its better than the Sopranos (sans Season 1 maybe) is over the top. Sure I'm a Sopranos Fan, but not an apologetic one. Seasons 1 through 4 are phenomenal. Season 5 started to see things go South, and Seasons 6 and 6.1 while good in their own right were garbage in the grand scheme of things. I personally feel to dismiss the first 4 seasons as you do isn't right. It's your opinion though. Next time I'll just say "I think you are off base" and move on.

    I still love ya bro."

    I am a huge Sopranos fan, and it's cultural impact is undeniable. However, its importance and ambition could NEVER hold a candle to "The Wire". The Wire will go down as the greatest television show in television's history (I didn't say the most popular).

    Season one of the Sopranos was superb. As was season one of The Wire. However, The Wire has gotten even better with each successive season as the show has expanded it scope and revealed itself as the story of an American city of the likes we have never seen - not just a cop drama and not just the story of a one corrupt American family.

    Sorry Soprano fans, you are just going to have to come to grips with the sad truth, The Sopranos is the second best show in the history of television.

  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    Oh Anonymous, I wish you weren't anonymous so I could either shake your hand or kiss you full on the mouth.


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