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04 October 2006

Amber Alert! MLB Style

Taking a break from piling on Soccer (and if you want some personal amusement, you can see Soccer Fan right here (the action starts almost half way down and goes on for quite awhile) getting completely bent out of shape because a friend of mine posted a link to my blog on the Rhinos forum), I thought I would bring up a very concerning matter among fans of baseball. Where has Chowd Nation gone?

Since 18AUG, Chowd Fan has been harder and harder to find. Since the MLB Playoff's started yesterday, they have all but disappeared. It was just two short years ago that the Red Sox won the World Series and Chowd Fan was seemingly everywhere. During the World Series you couldn't walk 20 feet without seeing some girlie sporting a brandy new Red Sox hat, or some dude with a new red sox hat driving over it, washing it, tearing it etc. trying to make it look like he has had the hat for years proving he is a true fan. Because of this, I'm issuing an Amber Alert…MLB Style.

Now I will be the first to say, the world is a much better place with Chowd Nation missing. There is not a more annoying, pathetic, malcontent, fraudulent group of fans in sports today. From their slogans of "Cowboy Up" to their even more ridiculous "sand in their clit" crybaby "Why Not Us" crap these fans should stay missing. They did make a small appearance in September to back Big Papi's cries that he deserves the MVP and Derrick Jeter doesn't. Right. This is just another thing that pisses me off about Chowd Fan and player because they make me stick up for the Yankees. Jeter is a solid player, has 4 rings, has his team in contention for the World Series, contends for a batting title, has almost a hundred RBI's from the 2 hole…oh and he plays the most demanding position on the field, short stop. All while Papi bats .270 with 50 bombs (and yes, that impressive) but he does it hitting in front of ManRam. I wonder what Ortiz's numbers would be if he was batting ahead of say Mark Loretta. Oh, and Dave doesn't own a glove. Shut your piehole Dave and Chowd Fan. The late season tank job your team masterfully completed down the stretch was just perfect and I would have to say that a real MVP would have stepped up and stopped the bleeding. And spare me the injury talk. The Mets roster has been in shambles for the better part of the year. The Yankees were playing with a handful of rookies long before the made the trade for Abreu. And I really don't want to hear how bad it was losing Varitek. Dude was hitting .240 with about a dozen bombs. Not exactly an offensive catalyst and his injured ass can still be a team leader while his ass in on the bench. I never thought I would find a group of fans who I couldn't stand more than Yankee Fans. Of course there are legit fans of both teams and I enjoy talking baseball to them (my man Ken G. here in Rochester being one of the few legit Yankee Honks I know - You have to be to sport a pink Yankee shirt in public), but Chowd Nation has just send everything over the falls. However, being the Humanitarian that I am, I am concerned for their well being. I would much rather know they are in hiding with their tail between their legs, than completely missing.

To help out, I have started searching high and low for the Chowds. I've rounded up some fellow concerned individuals and I have even started a campaign involving pictures and milk cartoons. Please keep an eye out, and if you see them contact the number shown!


  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    You had me until you started sticking up for Yankeefan. I am hoping your next post about the Yanks is just as bilious.


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