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16 January 2008

Baseball says Hello, NFL says Goodbye!

Here we are, 5 weeks again from the opening if Spring Training…and thank god. I've had the Hot Stove Reports to get me through the winter, trying to offset for me anyway all the steroid talk and such, but its running dry. At least now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So, I though I would take this blog post to welcome back baseballs immanent return and to also give the NFL a big hearty Fuck You.

Why attack the NFL you say right? Well, its no secret that I am a Diehard Baseball Fan at heart. And while I enjoy football, too many times I find myself at odds with ridiculous football fan who likes to talk shit about baseball right before they open their can of Natty Light with their Raider Fan inspired spiked shoulder pads, chug the beer then crush the can on their forehead.

Don't get me wrong. I give the NFL all the props (and stunts) it deserves. Its is a hell of a league. It is well run (I could only wish baseball was run as well as the NFL). The product is good for the most part (unless you're a long suffering fan of a handful of NFL Franchises). And more than anything, seeing as the NFL is America's passion, they have more good will built up than Joey Chestnut can eat hot dogs. And again, credit for that. For whatever reason, I have watched hardly any football this year. I just haven't cared. Not even with the Buffalo Bills getting their first sniff of the playoff's in years. With the playoff's in full swing with the Conference Championship games coming up and the Superbowl, I am looking forward to Football ending as much as I am looking forward to baseball starting.

I know you're sitting there wondering why you are reading my blog, and wondering why I am so bitter. I mean I have to be bitter right, to not be down with the NFL? Well I am bitter and I'll tell you why. Every NFL Fan who doesn't like baseball or doesn't like baseball nearly as much as they like the NFL are crapping all over MLB for the steroid issue. Now don't get me wrong, they have every right…to a point. The NFL is operating on the good side of a double standard right now. While baseball cannot get out of its own way currently, the NFL like MC Lyte seemingly can't make a mistake. When the NFL had its publicized steroid problems way back when, they never came close to the heat baseball is getting. And perhaps its because in baseball, the records are more hallowed and such, and I understand that. However, don't think right now that the NFL, the NBA, even the NHL has a steroid/HGH problem just like baseball. It's just that baseball is taking the brunt of it all. I mean how is Shawne Merrinan, a staple of the Chargers defense and one of the best players in the league going to get suspended for using steroids and it hardly registers a blip on the radar screens of baseball fans. If the Orioles Brian Roberts takes HGH "once", people are looking to hang him from a yard arm (I'm one of them too - all cheaters). Not for nothing, but the outrage should be equal across the board. Since Rappers and Movie Actors are now getting named in reports for using HGH and steroids, you know all the other sports have athletes cheating as well.

It's time to come correct football and football fan. You think baseball is boring - fine. I think the NFL is boring too. I mean with 400 T.V. time outs, ruling challenges, the average play lasting 5 seconds followed by 45 seconds of circle jerking, an exciting play (finally) opps flag down call the play back and god forbid it’s a close game in the last 4 minutes. You'll be like patience on a monument waiting for that mother fucker to end. In a couple of weeks (and no, the Pro Bowl doesn't count) football will be done and baseball will be gearing up. Take the next couple of months off Football fan and prepare for the draft. The only things lamer than getting together for an NFL Draft party is getting together to watch a WNBA game or a Soccer game. You watch your draft, I'll watch my majestic game. Kiss my ass NFL, hypocritical league number 1!


  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    This from a guy who thinks Vince McMahon really died in a fiery limo explosion.

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger 'Don' Cialini said…

    This from a guy who dwells on the fact Hillbilly Jim once got 10K from the Fairport School System to talk to one of its schools.


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