Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

31 January 2008

The Cannoli is Moving!

Alright my loyal band of a handful of readers, its time to update your links to my blog and your saved links in your favorites. The Cannoli is moving! Blogspot has been good to me, however I am making the move to wordpress. The features on wordpress are a lot better than blogspot including a built in tracker and much better access to your site through search engines. On top of it, I am debuting another blog in which I can update once every few months. Here is the list of new links.

First off, this blog is now http://doncialini.wordpress.com

My second blog, top rap verses is now http://rapverses.wordpress.com

My new blog is this. http://peoplesbeer.wordpress.com

After taking up for Big American Beer among my snobby craft beer fans, I have decided to represent the people and the peoples choice when it comes to drinking beer...and that is Big American Beer! I am the People's Beer Drinker, and I will represent the people. Stay tuned within the next week or so, I should have a post or two up along with some graphics. Same goes with my other blogs. Still have to tweak the layout and add some graphics in, but its coming.

Again, be sure to make the necessary updates. See you on the other side.


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