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08 November 2006

I Got My "I Voted" Sticker!

Another election day as come and gone. The country's citizens hit their polling places in mass to do their civic duty and try and help right the American Ship that the GOP has going in circles down a drain. Now your Don isn't going to sit here and Bash Republicans or anyone else. I'm a registered Republican, but even I could not vote along party lines in the election. I pretty much split my votes, but it was time for a change.

As the results start pouring in and are updated on your favorite webpage, mine being this one, 2 things have become clear. The Republicans are losing their ground rapidly to the Democrats, and that once again America as a whole could not get off our fat collective asses and go and vote. I know this is nothing new. In a country of 300 Million we are lucky if 88 million of those people actually go out and vote during a presidential election. How fucked up is this? These regimes we elect are the guiding force behind our country for 4 years minimum! 88 million might go and vote, but 300 million will all bitch and moan about how things are going. As far as I am concerned, if you don't vote, shut the fuck up. If you want to bitch and moan, complain and cry, then take the 10 minutes out of your day to click a few switches and pull a lever.

Here in NY State we have a population of 19.25 million people. Of those 19.25 million people, 4.14 million voted for the NYS Governor. Are you freaking kidding me? Barely 22% of the NYS population went out and voted for the next NYS Governor? As citizens of our great country, and our particular state, how can we as a whole not go out and vote? This was one of the things we fought the Bloody Brits over in the Revolutionary War. As a country we have fought long and hard to ensure all men and women, races, nationalities, etc. can vote. What do those pioneers get for their effort? A 22% fucking turnout. Beautiful.

Maybe during future elections, those that decide not to go out and vote can participate in other events. Maybe they can gather in groups around certain monuments in America and all piss on them. Maybe they can dig up the graves of Americas great leaders, founding fathers, and civil rights pioneers and take a big shit in their graves and bury them again. Maybe they can all get together and just start bitching about the impending results while not doing their part to try and change things. That way they can get right down to business as opposed to having to wait those grueling hours until the results are 'official'. It’s a fucking disgrace.

So next election day, make America a better place, punch a non-voter in his mother fucking face.


  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    I like your fighting spirit!

    Two things: first, the reason that I went down party lines for Dems this year is that this election was not about individual candidates to me. I usually do eschew party lines for individuals, but in this case we were talking about control of the two houses of Congress, and honestly sheer numbers were more important to me (and apparently to many other voters) than whether you liked the guy personally. The president needs to be held in check and I think this finally did it.

    Secondly, I do agree that voting percentages are pathetic. Truly sad. HOWEVER, I prefer low voter turnout to a high turnout of stupid, ignorant, uninformed voters (ie. evangelicals and southern racists). I don't think it's a good thing to motivate a stupid voting base. I would rather have the handful of edumacated voters decide the fate of the country (which is why the electoral college exists in the first place) than a collection of rednecks who only care about one issue like abortion or whether it's okay for dudes to marry each other.


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