Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

29 November 2007

How Can it Be Christmas, It's Only October!

So I haven't blogged for awhile. I've had a topic here or there I thought about ranting about, but it never came to fruition. On top of that, I have been contemplating a move from Blogspot to Wordpress. That would require my 3 or 4 readers to have to update their favorites, and I'm not sure they could handle that, and I could lose at least half of my readers. Anyway, I digress.

So, as I have been driving here and there for the past few days, a topic that needs my attention became distinctly clear. Christmas. Christmas decorations to be exact. Listen, I'm not Mike Scroogilini or anything, but why am I seeing people with Christmas trees up before December? Why are houses already decked out in more lights than Chevy Chase ever thought about using for his old fashioned family Christmas. Why are those lame metal with white lights reindeer already populating yards all over suburbia? What's worse is that I saw a lot of this up even before Thanksgiving. Imagine how Tom Turkey must feel when the baby Jesus is basting him in his own juices because Baby Jesus just can't wait for his own Holiday to come around. Taking this even further, I saw people rocking their Christmas décor before Halloween. Now seriously. I don't need to see a manger scene with the Virgin Mary and Joseph dressed up as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. I don't need to see the Three Wise men dressed as the Three Stooges bringing their gifts of pumpkins, apple cider and some old fashioned "knuck-knuck". And I certainly don't need to see the baby Jesus sporting a Spiderman costume. Every Holiday has its time frame. I know that Christmas has lost damn near all its meaning and is now just a mass of over commercialization. That doesn't mean though, that we have to physically display all of our own ignorance. I love my Christmas Tree. I love it from around December 10th until January 2 or 3rd. If you've been looking at your happy vision of Christmas since before Thanksgiving, how can you possibly be excited to see the tree Christmas Morning. By then, you're sick of watering it. Sick of putting the ornaments back on it, because the pets keep fucking around with it. You're sick of all the pine needles everywhere. Hell, I'll be damned if I ever eat Thanksgiving dinner under the mistletoe with my Christmas Tree in sight.

Another special rant is about the PC cocksuckers that have ruined Christmas. You know, we have to say "Holiday Season" because Christmas offends those who don't celebrate. Ba Fangul. And my wife is part of the problem on this, and every Christmas Season I get agita over her bitching. See, her pet peeve around the Holidays are manger scenes. Because she is a heathen ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR non-believer she acts like these things offend her. First off, its hard to offend this woman, and second, these manger scenes bother nobody. If you don't believe, cool, but don't be so intolerant as to get pissed off at someone for a little manger scene in their yard. As I would call her on this, she would bitch about any scene, but then changed her tune to the fact that people can have them in their yards (never mind the fact she still bitches about them), but when they are out in front of say a Town Hall, its bullshit. Out comes the separation of Church and State and everything else she can retain from that 11th grade History Class. Yes, those two things should be separate, but after our Free Mason Founding Fathers set up our government, Church and State started getting cozy right away. Its just a fact. I find it ironic that a hippie tree banging left wing nut job like her would be so intolerant to something….oh wait, this is one of those left wing causes. As I was. Plain and simple, if someone wants to set up a manger scene, a menorah, a Kwanza whatever (Bill Shannon would be able to shed more light on this celebration), 3 Kings Day etc. display, ah salude. Its not going to effect my Holiday Happiness.