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17 September 2004

Stern V. Bush

I'm one of the biggest Howard Stern Fans around. My world came to a crashing halt when Clear Channel yanked him off the local affiliate here in Crapchester. Over night my mornings at work became 10 times longer. Thing is, this rant isn't about Stern being yanked off the air, as by the grace of God he is back on Crapchester airwaves, but rather the fact that Stern is now a typical one sided political machine. Don't get me wrong. I still love Stern, I still love his show, right up until he starts one of his new found patented Anti-Bush rants. See, when Stern rants, I love it. Even if the rant is on something I like, I still find it funny, its just one of those things about Stern I enjoy. His chronic Bush rants though have become misguided, over the top, and flat out old. To make matters worse, just about everyone else on the show all follow his lead. Robin, Baba Booey, Artie (and yeah, Artie just screams political knowledge...shut your piehole Yankee Fan and such down another heater), all whine about Bush too. In reality I have no problem with it. Stern can talk and criticize whatever he wants, its all good. He can beat down Bush, but when he becomes completely one-sided like he is, it just gets old. He acts like Kerry is the be all end all answer to America's problems. He acts like Bush is the blame for everything. He criticizes Bush's war record, his politics etc. He claims all the FCC problems are ordered by Bush himself. Bush is not Don Corleone ordering that ball washer Michael Powell to personally attack Stern. Do I think Bush falling out of favor with Stern had something to do with the FCC crackdown...absolutely, but not to the extent my man Howard is claiming. While Bush and the religious (aka wacko) right might want him off the air, remember in 1994 or so it was the FCC under a VERY LIBERAL William Jefferson Clinton that slapped him with a 1.7 million dollar fine for content on his radio program. G-Dub was running the Texas Rangers into the ground at that time, how do you explain that? Its not like the FCC will go away if Kerry gets elected. Its not like Stern will have free reign over content if Kerry gets elected. Recently Stern started piling on Bush for letting the recent ban an assault weapons expire. If Stern would take of his Kerry colored glasses, he would have realized that the "ban" did not actually ban assault weapons. It just threw a speed bump in the path to get them. If someone wanted one, someone could get one. Yet its all Bush's fault that wacko's with AK-47's are going to start going nuts and killing people within the next 2 weeks. Howard, I love you bro, and I understand your livelihood is being attacked, but you gotta look at the big picture and and not focus on what you think the entire problem is..........And for the record, I am not a Bush fan nor a Kerry Fan. I think both candidates are scumbags and I wouldn't trust either of them as far as I can throw them, but I am less afraid about what I know about Bush, that what I don't know about Kerry. Keep bringing happiness to my weekday morning Howard, but lets pare down the Bush sucks rants to maybe 7 or 8 a week!

"Give me more radio-oooooo. Give me Howard Stern-nnn"

16 September 2004

My first post

And I'm too bitter to say anything damnit!